5 behaviors The body burns more slowly.

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5 behaviors that ruin your metabolism The body burns more slowly. Not losing weight!

Having our metabolism work well is considered to help us lose weight and control it more effectively. It also has a positive effect on overall health. But if we do these 5 behaviors often Let me tell you that it may risk making your metabolism worse. It’s harder to lose weight. And also risk gaining weight!

Behaviors that cause the metabolism to break down

1. Eating food that is too low in calories

     Eating foods that are too low in calories for a long period of time May cause metabolism to decrease. And as a result, it becomes more difficult to lose weight and control our weight. If anyone is going to lose weight by limiting calories It is recommended not to restrict caloric intake for too little or for too long.

2. Don’t eat protein.

     Eating enough protein is important for maintaining weight. Eating protein can help increase the body’s calorie burning rate more than eating carbohydrates. Although the body’s metabolic rate decreases during weight loss, and continues to slow down during weight control But eating protein can help reduce these effects.

3. Not getting enough sleep

     Lack of sleep, insufficient sleep Leads to the risk of many diseases, including causing the metabolic rate to decrease. And it increases the chance that weight will increase as well. So anyone who wants their metabolism to work well Control weight so it doesn’t increase. It is recommended that you get adequate sleep.

4. Eat a lot of desserts

     Desserts, foods and drinks that contain a lot of sugar It can be said that it is dangerous to health. It can lead to various serious diseases and also contributes to slowing down our metabolism. which in addition to the metabolic rate will decrease It can also cause fat to accumulate on our stomach and liver!

5. Do not exercise like strength training.

     Strength training or exercise that uses ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app resistance to exercise the muscles to make them stronger. and helps increase muscle mass This type of exercise is also good for the metabolism. Helps increase the metabolic rate as well.