6 most popular fruits, as high in calories as a plate of rice!

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6 most popular fruits, as high in calories as a plate of rice!

“You can have a good figure because you eat vegetables and fruits.” We don’t argue about this. Because you can lose weight. You must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat less flour and sugar. But it does not mean that when the fruit you eat will โปรโมชั่น ufabet not have spoiled sugar. Some fruits are high in sugar. If you eat a lot, you’ll get as much energy as 1 plate of rice. What fruits should people who are dieting should avoid? Let’s have a look.

6 most popular fruits, high in calories

1. Durian

We put durian at number 1. Just 2 large lobes provide 323 kilocalories of calories, which is equal to 1 full plate of jasmine rice. When do you enjoy eating it? It’s like eating another meal. Plus the nutrients are incomplete.

2. Passion fruit

This is what the sweet and sour taste is. The calories are shockingly high. Because the passion fruit is delicious. Especially the seed part Provides 294 kilocalories of energy. If you eat 2-3 balls, it’s equal to 1 plate of rice.

3. Sweet tamarind

Buy it by the kilo. Sit and eat and talk. Spray the pellets out into bags. But if you accidentally eat it too much, just 1 dash of sweet tamarind is equal to 333 kilocalories. It’s equal to one plate of rice. Even though it is said that tamarind helps with bowel movements. But the sugar didn’t go out either. Fully in our body

4. Chanel

Children may not be familiar with this name. But if you taste the taste, you’ll be extremely impressed. It’s both fragrant and sweet. The adults ate it until they forgot to count and before they knew it, they’d finished the whole bag, or before they knew it they’d eaten another plate of rice. Because just 1 dash of asterisk or 4-6 small ones already provides 325 kilocalories of calories.

5. Longan

Seeing a small child like this, have you ever seen someone eat longan until their throat hurts? It’s so sweet that it hurts your throat. If you accidentally eat 3 grams of longan, it is equivalent to eating a plate of rice. Don’t forget, who is allergic to longan like us? After eating it, my eyes became watery and watery again.

6. Mango

Finally, many people’s favorite foods, whether raw or cooked, are also high in calories. But ripe mangoes come with sweetness. Raw mangoes come with flour and that’s it. 3 cups of mangoes, or about 4-5 large, dense ones, is equal to a whole plate of rice. This does not include the sticky rice that is eaten with ripe mango. Or the sweet fish sauce that goes with raw mangoes. The additional side dishes are also good.