Chelsea is depressed after Inter Milan tells Skriniar to contract.

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Giuseppe Marotta the CEO of Inter Milan has revealed that. He has offered defender Milan Skriniar a new and improved contract. From now on, you can only wait for the football players to choose to accept or decline.

Skriniar is out of contract after June 30, with foreign camps in front of Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain closely monitor the situation. In case of jamming, ready to offer a puller to work as a free agent

However, the big ‘Nerazzurri’ revealed that the team has done its job. UFABET The next step depends on whether the player still wants to play at Giuseppe Meazza or not. 

“The world of football revolves around Skriniar because as we try to negotiate a new contract. The other camps also use this situation to negotiate.” Opening his mouth through ‘Dasun Italia’.

“We have negotiated with his agent. Because I believe that Milan deserves to be part of the Inter squad, now or in the future. 

“The team has already handed him the details of a new contract. I hope to come to a conclusion as soon as possible.”  

“My life has always tried to be optimistic. But in this case, try to look at the truth.”

“Know that more can still be done. However, doing something beyond yourself which seems impossible, do not try to do it.”

It is expected that the new contract wages will remain around 6 million euros – per – year including bonuses, cannot be higher than this. Certainly far from what Slovak football wants.