Gabby slams ‘Casemiro’ like a 45-year-old

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Gabby Agbonlahor, famous former striker Came out to criticize Casemiro for looking like a 45-year-old player in the game Manchester United lost 1-3 at home to Brighton & Hove Albion, Erik Ten Hag’s team lost for the first time

. 3rd place in the first 5 Premier League matches. The latest match results caused Agbonlahor to criticize Casemiro. Including Lisandro Martinez and that Harry Maguire should be the starter. even

“Where should I start? “Brighton passed 659 times at Old Trafford. Shot more on target, had more possession – 57 per cent – like they were walking in the park,” Agbonlahor told TalkSport

. I was watching the game, never once did Brighton feel like they couldn’t pass from the back. “

No matter who was pressing, they found a way to pass and create opportunities very easily. It’s like a game on the training field, ufabet

“Casemiro… He looks like a 45-year-old trotting in midfield. He had to be substituted in the 65th minute to make way for young Hannibal because he was playing so poorly. “

As Martinez went for Gross’ goal, he tried to block the shot but it hit Gross. Easy trick and shoot.”

“Harry Maguire must look around the dressing room and think, ‘How can I not get a chance to play in this team?'”

“Martinez can’t even play from the back, loses the ball often, Lindelof does as well. Harry Mac Guayre deserves to be in this team.”