‘Messi’ explains the reason for turning away from Miami

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Argentine superstar Lionel Messi Confirmed to join David Beckham’s Inter Miami team in MLS United States. The

35-year-old star player is out of contract with Paris Saint-Germain. David Beckham’s decision to move to Inter Miami rejected the opportunity to shove large sums of money from Saudi Arabia. and moved to reunion with Barcelona The club he grew up in. ทางเข้า ufabet

Recently, he has confirmed the news himself through SPORT and Mundo Deportivo, a Spanish media outlet

. “Barcelona have to sell players or reduce their wages, which I really don’t want to do,” Messi said

. And everything is very good for me to come back. But there is still a lot more to happen.”

′ I won’t go back to Barcelona. I’m going to join the Inter Miami team ′

′ After winning the world championship and not being able to return to Barcelona again It’s time to go to the United States. To live in a different world of football Enjoy life more each day. Of course, the responsibility and thirst for victory will remain the same. do things always be good More discreet ′′

Messi has also confirmed that money is not important to him.

′′ Money is not a problem for me. We never even discussed a contract with Barcelona. They sent me an offer. But never a formal written and signed proposal.”

“We have never negotiated wages. it’s not about the money Otherwise I would have moved to Saudi Arabia ′′ ′′

I received offers from other teams in Europe, but I didn’t even consider them. Because my only thought was that Barcelona would be the only team in Europe that I would move to play with ′′

When the deal with Barcelona fell. I want to try something new in Miami ′′ ′

′ I’m close to Barcelona. I will live with Barcelona again. It’s already decided. Hope to come back to help the club someday Because this is the club I love ′′ ′′ I

want to thank the Barcelona fans for all their support and yes… I will definitely come back here again.

Football with PSG that is full of obstacles that

“The truth is that the first year at PSG was very difficult, as I said before sometimes. For many different reasons, the second year, six months ago, I feel great.

Feeling comfortable at the club, in the city and with my family ,” Messi said. I think the World Cup will affect all teams as a whole. It affects the season a bit. With a very important competition happening at this time for the first time.

Earn $ 54 million (€ 50 million) per year from Miami for 4 years, which also includes deals with brand sponsors such as Adidas. S and Apple to help pay his wages.