Nathan Jones stands firm despite boos from Southampton fans.

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Southampton manager Nathan Jones assert yourself firmly and firmly. After experiencing boos from the fans of their own football team. The game lost at home to Nottingham Forest 0-1.

Southampton that sinks to the bottom of the Premier League. Fully committed to the St Mary’s home game, beating Nottingham Forest to overtake their opponents in the standings. And escaped from the red zone UFABET

But it turned out that Southampton lost at home to the disappointment. And anger of Saints fans after the game was erupted by boos aimed at manager Nathan Jones. Who had just taken charge on November 10.

“I can’t predict what the fans will do. That depends on them.”

“But it didn’t bother me. I’m a little surprised But that’s what they can do.”

“What about being a football manager? Especially when you’re from where I came from. and get a chance here. I understand the question Football fans pay to come and watch. They do what they want.”

“For me, as a team manager, You must not be fragile.”

“This isn’t the first time I’ve booed. It’s not the first time I’ve attacked. You have to show who you really are that got you here. Because when we get through it It will be a proud moment for me.” said Jones.