Pep praises Klopp for making himself a better manager.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola praises Jurgen Klopp for making him a better manager. After the game they tied Liverpool 1-1.

“There were some good moments from both teams. We started very well. We must not forget when we come to play on this field. Otherwise we won’t have a chance. I already knew it was going to be this difficult.”UFABET

“It was an intense game in each moment. It’s not a game where the team can control it all the time.”

“Much credit to Liverpool, they proved once again that what they do is incredible for such opponents.”

“I know how difficult it is to come here and win. Players give everything I give credit to the opposing side. and collect points”

“We knew we probably had 10-15 minutes when it hit the tsunami. And you have to survive.”

“We are there. We want to win, but we can also lose. It’s like that. We will go home and rest and prepare for the FA Cup game before the international break.”

Mentioning that it might be the last time he will face Jurgen Klopp, “He will be back! He loves this job a lot. How do I say it? He makes us a better team. He has made me a better manager. I hope he returns soon. Because football needs people with personalities like him.”