Sanset cites Valverde as important to career.

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Oisan Sanset praises Ernesto Valverde, the 60-year-old trainer of Athletic Bilbao for playing a crucial role in his playing football career.

Athletic Bilbao’s 23-year-old midfielder Oian Sanset credits 60-year-old boss Ernesto Valverde as an important figure for him in his growth as a footballer and a person. According to a report from Relebo last Sunday UFABET

‘He told me I had to use my head. In the end I left the team with less than one player remaining. And I have to realize that today in football there is a huge difference in playing with less than one player. He asked me to be smarter. And know when I need to hit the ball hard. When do I have to go in lighter? Or when do I not have to enter at all?’

‘And finally When talking with him I think I’ve made a step forward in that respect. And you see I’m not kicked off the field anymore,’ said the 23-year-old midfielder.

Sanset previously signed a nine-year contract with Athletic Bilbao last season. This comes amid interest from Premier League clubs. But the 23-year-old midfielder is not ruling out the possibility of a move away from San Mames Barria in the future either.

‘You never close the door. You will always have the choice to leave or have a team sign you. But I don’t give importance to that. I have signed a long-term contract with Athletic and my thoughts now are to stay at Athletic and achieve great things here. As for what will happen in the future, no one knows.’