‘Westham fans’ threw glasses at them to make ‘Biragi’ bloody

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Some WestHam United fans prepare to punish the club When he threw a plastic cup at Cristiano Biraghi’s head during the Conference League final, the Fiorentina captain bled in the final in Prague

. Violence has erupted between supporters since the start of the match, with 16 police detained by Fiorentina for assault and firing pyrotechnics. Causing 3 injuries to the opposite side

during the 33rd minute of the game, another scandalous incident occurred. Biraghi was jogging to open a corner in front of the “Westham” stands and was thrown with plastic glasses and other objects. came down, โปรโมชั่น ufabet

a glass that was thrown down Hit the head of a 30-year-old Italian football player who responded by clapping sarcastically. before it was found that there was blood flowing Requires a team of first aid doctors.

The on-field referee Carlos Grande blew the game pause. With West Ham players including Nayev Agert, Vladimir Kufal and Lucas Paqueta trying to stop their own fans from behaving

Announcers at the Eden Arena joined in to help again. Speaking over the line, he urged West Ham fans to respect the players and refereeing staff

. But his team was disappoint. Because in the end West Ham lost 2-1 from a 90th-minute winning goal by Jarrod Bowen, finishing only runner-up, UEFA

confirmed that they would investigate. And internal news sources indicate that West Ham will definitely be punish.

“It’s disgusting behavior. Which I don’t understand the reason Dean Ashton, a former West Ham striker, expressed his views

. Both sides fought intensely. But some idiots think it’s the right thing to do.”

“A player has to worry about his own safety. And that’s a sight we really don’t want to see.”