‘Wilson’ said ‘pressure’ is for inflating tires.

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Callum Wilson, Newcastle United striker, insists he has no excitement. And for him the pressure is only for inflating the tires. After scoring a penalty to score the winning goal in the home team’s 1-0 win over Brentford,

Wilson got the chance to start in his first match of the season. and scored the third goal of the season From the penalty moment, which Anthony Gordon called in the 64th minute,

“We had the international break at the right time. We are losing several matches in a row and need to find a way to get back to winning ways,” the 31-year-old England striker said in a post-game interview.

“The break allows us to reunite. We work to address areas where we need to improve. Today we have to win in a not-so-beautiful way. But three points are the most important thing ′′ ′ http://ufabet999.com

′ I’ve been waiting for a real opportunity for many weeks. And it’s time. All I can do is try to perform for the opportunity. To help the team as a target striker.”

It is a return to good form for “Salika Dong” after the previous two games lost to Manchester City and Liverpool, two teams at the top of the table.

“Before this game we had no excitement. We have complete confidence in each other,” Wilson added.

“For the fans it might be like that. Because in the previous game against Liverpool, we led 1-0 until the 90th minute and lost two goals in a row. But thankfully today we were able to keep the score ′′ ′

′ The pressure is to fill the tires. For me who practices and had done it on race day many times before It’s just a matter of repetition. Keep calm and today I succeeded.”

At the end of the game, Wilson almost added the ball to the net but was fouled by VAR on rival goalkeeper Mark Flecken.

“I jumped up with the goalkeeper. I think they were a bit overprotective at times like this. They can push it at you.